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What clients are saying...



Organized. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Genuine communication. Good at explaining information.

Katelyn is bursting with passion and knowledge behind helping people who want to achieve optimal health. What makes her unique is that she is highly personable and easy to talk to. She also wants to get deep and know the real you so that she can properly help you feed your body for what you want to achieve in life.

Working with her she was able to break down what certain buzz words such as “plant-based” and “anti-inflammatory” really mean. She’s really good at simply explaining what nutrients are, how they are processed in our body, and which products are the cleanest. She’s also very organized in meetings and emails. When you work with Katelyn you know that she is 100% on your team and committed to reaching your goals!


IVY, 30

Do yourself and your body a favor by booking a session with her!

Being pregnant and working full-time makes it really hard to prepare fast, easy, and healthy meals every day. Katelyn is the best person to go to for this. She was able to give me great nutrition ideas and tips for easy ways to eat healthy.

She helped me incorporate these ideas into my lifestyle so it didn't feel like I was making a huge change and after our session together she sent a follow-up email summarizing everything so that I didn't have to try to remember every tiny detail.



She is a ray of sunshine and will help you with way more than just nutrition!

When doing an assessment, Katelyn truly listens and asks specific questions to pinpoint areas that may help improve your overall health, well-being, and happiness. After listening to me talk about my struggles with anxiety and busy days chasing after my toddler, she gave real suggestions of activities, whole foods, and supplements to help me find balance again.

Katelyn has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly seeking new information to be a resource to her clients. I always look forward to her Instagram posts as well because I learn so many easy and practical tips for living my best life, from sneaking veggies into my smoothies to simply taking a moment to reflect on my day.




Thank you for reminding me what a powerful impact commitment to wellness can have on quality of life! :)

My nutritional evaluation with Katelyn was exactly the motivation I needed to re-evaluate my current food/nutrition routines and make necessary changes. Though I consider myself a "healthy eater," after carefully evaluating my lifestyle, Katelyn pointed out that I was not drinking enough water and was only getting 1 of my 5-10 servings of veggies a day!

She suggested practical ways make changes to my routine and provided several great resources for delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes.  I can honestly say after making changes to address these issues this last week, I have had more energy throughout my work day than I have had in several months.


KYRA, 28


I have already recommended her to several friends.

Katelyn is not only knowledgeable in health and nutrition she has a bright sunny personality that instantly made our session feel more like 2 friends grabbing coffee rather than a nutrition assessment. I’m so glad I finally made time to sit down with her because it was worth every minute.

It was obvious Katelyn wanted to get to know me, as a person, not just my dietary habits. This allowed her to better understand why I struggle in certain areas and to really tailor her recommendations.

All of Katelyn’s suggestions not only addressed my nutrition and health concerns but, most importantly, were things I could easily implement into my busy schedule. I'm finally drinking more water, having less sweet & salty cravings, eating less processed foods and overall just more aware of how my food choices effect how I feel. 




I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with her or attending one of her workshops! You won’t regret it :)

I first met Katelyn at one of her workshops and instantly felt a connection! She has such amazing energy and I could tell right away how passionate she is about sharing her knowledge of holistic health with others.

I had an amazing consultation with her where we discussed incorporating the right types of food into my diet, vitamins that would work best for my needs, ways to stay on track with your healthy habits, and so much more. She was so easy to talk to and gave such a valuable and positive insight on holistic health.




Once I started the coaching sessions, I quickly realized how deeply it impacted my life. I highly recommend Katelyn to anyone who wants to enrich and better their lives.

One of the best things I did in 2017 was to complete a coaching program with Katelyn.  Not only was I able to start working on many aspects of my life that I had swept to the side, and really start to make progress, but I also accomplished so many goals that I never thought I would be able to achieve (running a 5K, finding a job that fit my personality, and learning to take time for myself). 




Let’s just say I thought I knew all about eating right, a balanced lifestyle, and my relationship with nutrition prior to starting Katelyn’s program and I was entirely wrong.

From our first meeting, she completely changed my entire perspective on the role diet and exercise played in my day to day. She gave me a new focus and direction at a time in my life when everything was new and changing. She helped me understand the importance of and the connections between feeding not only my body, but my mind and soul. Together, we created a long term plan with my lifestyle goals in a way that was manageable and realistic. 

Katelyn was passionate, flexible, motivating, and FUN to work with. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and insight she has given me and would highly recommend anyone looking for a little more guidance in your journey to healthy, and most importantly HAPPY living!




I walked away from the experience being more in-tune with what my body needs to feel fulfilled and what I seek for my upcoming life goals.

I started working with Katelyn during a particularly stressful time at work and in my career. Seeking highest level credentialing within my field, all while striving to respect my personal needs. It was great to have an outlet to coach me with ideas and tools to navigate through those events.




Prior to my collaboration with Katelyn Parsons, I wholeheartedly believed that the condition I was in would be a permanent thing.

I was severely underweight due to Gastroparesis, chronic pain and chronic nausea. I was still having symptoms from a gastrojejunostomy my 5th surgery, when she became my health coach in 2017.

Katelyn walked me through decision-making and nudged me towards alternative perspectives without overwhelming me of making me feel bad. I have gained 20 lbs and more control over my illness. I’m healthier because of her but, even more, I became more self aware because of Katelyn.

After allowing Katelyn to coach me in the areas of health and nutrition, I am better equipped to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. I could never repay her for the influence she has had on my health and especially my life. She would be an asset to anyone’s wellbeing.



I'll be carrying my "healthy toolkit" with me for the rest of my life! <3

This program has been pretty life changing for me! I have learned so much not only about how to eat for energy but also how to live a better, healthier lifestyle. The group health coaching program covers a ton of topics, and you get to learn from the other women. Katelyn is so thoughtful and kind and has made these weeks such an inspiring journey. 




The information provided in Katelyn's class should classify as a college course!

Her down to earth approach, support, and guidance make it worth every penny.  I love the camaraderie amongst the women each week. Katelyn helps to connect the dots, and slowly introduce life changing tips to optimize your well being, while still having fun. There are no rules in this class, only self rewards!



I have felt the best these past 5 weeks than I have felt in a long time.

I am 5 weeks into my 7 week program called Vibrant Health with the fabulous Katelyn! I have to admit I was a little skeptical about joining, only because I eat healthy for the most part but knew I was missing something when I would come home too exhausted to eat. This is not a meal plan or diet plan, it is all about mindful eating, something I thought I knew but was way off!

The past five weeks of our coaching calls with 4 other ladies has been life changing for me. I look forward to these calls and our private group FB chat where we share ideas and struggles. Katelyn Parsons, I will be forever grateful for the tools you have given me for my toolkit! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Benefits I have seen so far: glowing skin, sleeping better, a lot more energy! I’m not needing that 2-3pm coffee anymore and this is just the beginning!



I was in a rut and wanted start focusing on healthy nutritional eating and take back control of my body.

I feel truly blessed that right at this time I received information on Katelyn's Seven Weeks to Vibrant Health Group Coaching program. I am so happy that I joined. Katelyn shared so much information with me in this short time period and I feel like I am now back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. She is very supportive and always responds promptly to my many questions! I also love reading her very informative weekly Newsletters and Instagram posts. She stays up to date on the best products and supplements to use, which saves me hours of research time. I now try to eat for energy using whole simple foods and what a difference it has made!




I learned so much new information for how to optimize what I eat!

I really enjoyed the education portion from this program. The specific tips on how to combine foods, what to shoot for and what to try to avoid have been very helpful. I've seen the most success for something as simple as increasing my water intake and shooting for 3 balanced meals per day. The weekly accountability calls were priceless!




Before working with Katelyn I didn’t understand how much my food choices were connected with my energy, gut health, and digestion.

I knew that food affects those areas, but I didn’t really understand which foods or how to manage them. Now I feel much more in control of my food choices!

I liked how positive Katelyn was and how that transcended into the entire relationship beyond nutrition. She really aims to connect with people as people, rather than just another client and throughout all aspects of their life. She’s was incredibly supportive throughout the entire program.

Since working with Katelyn I’ve created a healthy morning routine that sets me up for success every day and makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. I also know how to build my plate in a way that gives me more energy throughout the day and am aware of the importance of my gut health... something I knew very little about before working with Katelyn. Since completing this program my health + life has improved significantly. I’m more connected with my body than ever and plan to continue building in more habits that will create an even healthier lifestyle.



I was in a rut of self-loathing and nighttime binging.

I had craved a lifestyle change but with every attempt, it never really "stuck". I wasn't necessarily focused on losing weight, but really concerned about my long-term health and the habits I was creating for myself.

Throughout the group coaching, Katelyn was SO THERE for everyone! I loved our little check-in's on action items throughout the week and knowing that I could reach out with any questions along the way was priceless (she is the recipe queen!). 

Katelyn is an absolute motivational inspiration! I loved how she could always find a way to relate when I was struggling and never made me feel "less than" for it. I was always encouraged to strive for “progress, not perfection”. It might be a cliche saying, but I felt like she really helped me live into it. 

Since working with Katelyn I’m much more mindful about the food I'm putting into my body and how it helps fuel me. I’m also more aware of how my nutrition affects my mind and energy (both positively and negatively) and less hard on myself for eating what I want! I have significantly shifted into an abundance mindset with food and am not concerned with limiting myself - because life happens! 

At this point, I’m still a work in progress (not perfection ), but I have so many tricks in my healthy toolkit which have given me a foundation on which to keep growing! I can't imagine my life without this program. I didn't set a hard new year's resolution for myself, but completing this program was my kickstart into a healthier ME that has set me up for a strong year + beyond. 

I plan on continuing to apply my healthy toolkit to my life and refer back to all of our awesome materials when I need to most! I know I’ll also end up saving myself money, time, and energy with the way that I have learned to shop, fuel, & cook for myself!




This program was a total game-changer for me.

As a vegetarian (and yo-yo dieter!) for the past 20+ years of my life, I was a bit skeptical to join initially as I thought I already had a good understanding on how to eat relatively healthy.  Wow, was I wrong...and I'm so thankful that Katelyn totally changed my way of thinking in the best possible way!  ;)  

From seriously upping my water intake (it was scary how little water I was drinking before!), to building my plate in an eating-for-energy conscious way, to implementing more clean beauty and home products into my life and feeling so great about those choices, to developing a much-needed AM/PM routine, her tips were SO simple yet SO transformative for me and the other girls in my group.  

Enrolling in the course was, hands-down, one of the best investments I've ever made for my health as I know that these seven weeks will have an impact on my day-to-day choices for the rest of my life. I love that this program isn't another diet, it isn't a quick fix, and it isn't a fad that's just full of buzz words - this is a complete lifestyle shift and I can't even begin to explain how knowledgable Katelyn is about nutrition, self-care, and empowering oneself to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be. 

She was supportive throughout this entire process and I've been extremely impressed by how she tailors her strategies to each individual client.  Thank you, Katelyn, for using your passion to make such a meaningful difference in my life - I'm so appreciative of all that you've done and am now honored to call you not only my favorite health coach but also a dear friend!