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Private Health Coaching


Imagine a life where you….

 Treated yourself to a vacation without having to crash-diet.

 Effortlessly moved through your to-do list feeling confident, light and energized.

 Booked a photoshoot without immediately strategizing about how to shed 10 lbs.

 Had more hours in your day to focus on fun goals rather than food rules.

 Could go out with your girlfriends, without agonizing over the menu or post-belly bloat.


Your Coach, Katelyn Parsons



A radical, non-diet approach for overcoming your food cravings.

My programs are designed to provide food empowerment + lifestyle transformation to high-achiever’s. Each step in this process has been successfully tested to provide a permanent solution for clients who want to stop their food cravings, without having to rely on dieting.

My programs are for YOU if you

1. Struggle with any of the following:

   •  Cravings

   •  Emotional Eating

   •  Yo-Yo Dieting Patterns

   •  Overeating

2. Identify with either of these profiles:

Office Desk Diva

Who You Are: A high-achiever, climbing the corporate ladder and building your book of business.

Main Struggles: Secret desk binge’s, mindlessly eating when stressed, communal kitchen culprit, restricting food during the day and binging at night, feeling overworked/undernourished.

Work From Home Warrior

Who You Are: A successful entrepreneur, OR a mover & shaker in your company with a flexible schedule + travel.

Main Struggles: Stress eating through your day, working around the clock, overlap between work/personal routine, overeating & feeling like you can’t move forward on a project, fear of swapping yoga pants for jeans because you’re scared they won’t fit.

Or A Total Modern Girlyou're a little bit of both ;)



In this signature program, you’ll learn how to shut off cravings, repair your relationship with food and rebuild confidence. My hands-on approach allows each client to feel completely supported in every step of their transformation, so that the results that you experience last. From learning how to build your plate for more energy, to healthy grocery shopping, travel & morning routine, you’ll walk away from this experience feeling completely empowered.



What's Next?

We’ll coordinate a time to chat about where you’re feeling roadblocked, how I support my clients throughout transformation and if either of these programs would best support your personal goals.

A couple of things to keep in mind…

  • I love on all of my clients + offer premium support so that you can experience life-changing results that LAST. Therefore, my space is limited for private coaching. If I’m at capacity when we speak, you’ll have the option of being placed on a waiting list for the next availability. :)

  • I know your time is precious, and so my consults are organized to help meet your needs and provide an expert assessment. If I feel that your goals are outside of my scope of practice, I will happily refer you to one of my colleagues.

Questions? Please email hello@katelynparsons.com