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My "all or nothing" mindset was interfering with all aspects of my life...

health, lifestyle, routine — everything was very black or white before I went through The Modern Girl Method. I loved Katelyn’s constant reminder of ‘Progress not Perfection’ and understanding how to make the best choices for my own unique needs. I really appreciated all of her care and compassion throughout the entire process and am SO excited about my results: reduced food cravings, better sleep and definitely less belly bloat!


In about five weeks, Katelyn dismantled 48 years of unhealthy eating habits.

It clicked, just like that — snap! It’s practice, practice, practice! NOW I get it! It takes time and it’s worth it!! Katelyn is truly amazing at what she does! She is beautiful on the inside and out. I’m thankful for her guidance and patience. I want to keep learning because I feel so good!! I can’t thank her enough. She is the real deal!!


The Modern Girl Method is not like any other program out there.

I not only learned the on-the-go nutrition needed for more energy and less food cravings throughout my day, I developed a new level of self-compassion. I loved the coaching meetings over Zoom video and felt totally supported every step of the way through all of the other resources offered.


It just makes sense.

Before joining The Modern Girl Method my routine was exercise like a crazy woman and stuff myself with unnecessary snacks. I thought I was eating well at mealtime, but I wasn't eating enough which would cause me to snack and overindulge because I was just so hungry. Katelyn was able to relate and relay the information in a fun and interesting way that made everything easy to understand. Now I feel amazing -- more energy, PMS isn't as bad, reduced cravings and I've been a lot calmer too. Not screaming at the kids as much. ;)


Feeling so proud!

So I haven’t really looked at the scale, but my “dressy” pants that I wore before starting The Modern Girl Method are too big for me now! Not only did I not self-sabotage with food and put on weight during one of the most stressful times in my career, like I normally would, I actually went DOWN in sizes! That is an accomplishment! This makes me feel energized and happy. And it pushes me to keep going to get to my goals. I used to think I knew how to eat healthy, but just didn’t have the “willpower.” I was terrified of calories, fat and confused by a lot of the information floating around online. Now I know exactly how to build my plate so that I have more energy, less cravings and can feel good on-the-go. Thank you Katelyn for everything and all your help!


I have felt the best these past 5 weeks than I have felt in a long time.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about joining, only because I eat healthy for the most part but knew I was missing something when I would come home too exhausted to eat. The past five weeks of our coaching calls with 4 other ladies has been life changing for me. I look forward to these calls and our private group FB chat where we share ideas and struggles. I will be forever grateful for the tools you have given me for my toolkit!