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I learned so much new information for how to optimize what I eat!

I really enjoyed the education portion from this program. The specific tips on how to combine foods, what to shoot for and what to try to avoid have been very helpful. I've seen the most success for something as simple as increasing my water intake and shooting for 3 balanced meals per day. The weekly accountability calls were priceless!


I'll be carrying my "healthy toolkit" with me for the rest of my life! <3

This program has been pretty life changing for me! I have learned so much not only about how to eat for energy but also how to live a better, healthier lifestyle. The group health coaching program covers a ton of topics, and you get to learn from the other women. Katelyn is so thoughtful and kind and has made these weeks such an inspiring journey.


I was in a rut and wanted start focusing on healthy nutritional eating and take back control of my body.

Katelyn shared so much information with me in this short time period and I feel like I am now back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. She stays up to date on the best products and supplements to use, which saves me hours of research time. I now try to eat for energy using whole simple foods and what a difference it has made!


The information provided in Katelyn’s class should classify as a college course!

Her down to earth approach, support, and guidance make it worth every penny. I love the camaraderie amongst the women each week. Katelyn helps to connect the dots, and slowly introduce life changing tips to optimize your well being, while still having fun. There are no rules in this class, only self rewards!