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She is a ray of sunshine and will help you with way more than just nutrition!

When doing an assessment, Katelyn truly listens and asks specific questions to pinpoint areas that may help improve your overall health, well-being, and happiness. After listening to me talk about my struggles with anxiety and busy days chasing after my toddler, she gave real suggestions of activities, whole foods, and supplements to help me find balance again. Katelyn has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly seeking new information to be a resource to her clients.


One of the best things I did in 2017 was to complete a coaching program with Katelyn.

Not only was I able to start working on many aspects of my life that I had swept to the side, and really start to make progress, but I also accomplished so many goals that I never thought I would be able to achieve (running a 5K, finding a job that fit my personality, and learning to take time for myself). Once I started the coaching sessions, I quickly realized how deeply it impacted my life.


Prior to my collaboration with Katelyn Parsons, I wholeheartedly believed that the condition I was in would be a permanent thing.

After allowing Katelyn to coach me in the areas of health and nutrition, I am better equipped to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. I could never repay her for the influence she has had on my health and especially my life. She would be an asset to anyone’s wellbeing. I’m healthier because of her but, even more, I became more self aware because of Katelyn.


Katelyn is bursting with passion and knowledge behind helping people who want to achieve optimal health.

She was able to break down what certain buzz words such as “plant-based” and “anti-inflammatory” really mean. She’s really good at simply explaining what nutrients are, how they are processed in our body, and which products are the cleanest. She’s also very organized in meetings and emails. When you work with Katelyn you know that she is 100% on your team and committed to reaching your goals!