As a beginner, I really appreciate the cues she gives and energy she creates.

I genuinely look forward to taking all of Katelyn's yoga classes! She tailors the experience to the individuals and gives supportive guidance throughout. There’s always a great mix of deep stretching, relaxation, challenging sequences to push our limits and increase heart rates, and suggested adaptations if necessary. Plus, the killer playlist that matches the tempo of what we're focusing on doesn't disappoint!

I leave feeling super accomplished, yet calm and relaxed thanks to a lovely essential oil head/neck massage at the end of the class. I would recommend her classes to anyone at any level looking to take time to improve their mind/body/spirit because whatever you want to work on, she will get you there!


She was amazing.

She came to the Grossmont Mall and led us/shared with us her Yoga practice. My wife and daughter also attended the class and also loved the class. She will be doing another community Yoga class next Saturday at Othentik gym at 9AM. You should go if you’re interested. I highly recommend it.


I feel that I walk away feeling stronger and rejuvenated.

I absolutely love Katelyn's yoga classes! You can tell she's so passionate about her practice and truly loves sharing her love of yoga with others. As a beginner, I really appreciate all of her cues and have been so impressed by how she tailors each and every class to different individuals. I love when she suggests choosing a color or a word to focus my practice on. I highly recommend taking her yoga classes as she'll do whatever she can to help you achieve your own individual goals!


She was amazing.

She came to the Grossmont Mall and led us/shared with us her Yoga practice. My wife and daughter also attended the class and also loved the class. She will be doing another community Yoga class next Saturday at Othentik gym at 9AM. You should go if you’re interested. I highly recommend it.


She is a ray of sunshine and will help you with way more than just nutrition!

When doing an assessment, Katelyn truly listens and asks specific questions to pinpoint areas that may help improve your overall health, well-being, and happiness. After listening to me talk about my struggles with anxiety and busy days chasing after my toddler, she gave real suggestions of activities, whole foods, and supplements to help me find balance again. Katelyn has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly seeking new information to be a resource to her clients.


One of the best things I did in 2017 was to complete a coaching program with Katelyn.

Not only was I able to start working on many aspects of my life that I had swept to the side, and really start to make progress, but I also accomplished so many goals that I never thought I would be able to achieve (running a 5K, finding a job that fit my personality, and learning to take time for myself). Once I started the coaching sessions, I quickly realized how deeply it impacted my life.


Prior to my collaboration with Katelyn Parsons, I wholeheartedly believed that the condition I was in would be a permanent thing.

After allowing Katelyn to coach me in the areas of health and nutrition, I am better equipped to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. I could never repay her for the influence she has had on my health and especially my life. She would be an asset to anyone’s wellbeing. I’m healthier because of her but, even more, I became more self aware because of Katelyn.


Katelyn is bursting with passion and knowledge behind helping people who want to achieve optimal health.

She was able to break down what certain buzz words such as “plant-based” and “anti-inflammatory” really mean. She’s really good at simply explaining what nutrients are, how they are processed in our body, and which products are the cleanest. She’s also very organized in meetings and emails. When you work with Katelyn you know that she is 100% on your team and committed to reaching your goals!


I was in a rut and wanted start focusing on healthy nutritional eating
and take back control of my body.

Katelyn shared so much information with me in this short time period and I feel like I am now back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. She stays up to date on the best products and supplements to use, which saves me hours of research time. I now try to eat for energy using whole simple foods and whata difference it has made!

Sylvia | San Diego, CA

I'll be carrying my "healthy toolkit" with me for the rest of my life! <3

This program has been pretty life changing for me! I have learned so much not only about how to eat for energy but also how to live a better, healthier lifestyle. The group health coaching program covers a ton of topics, and you get to learn from the other women. Katelyn is so thoughtful and kind and has made these weeks such an inspiring journey. 

Rebecca | San Diego, CA

The information provided in Katelyn's class should classify as a college course!

Her down to earth approach, support, and guidance make it worth every penny.  I love the camaraderie amongst the women each week. Katelyn helps to connect the dots, and slowly introduce life changing tips to optimize your well being, while still having fun. There are no rules in this class, only self rewards!

Jennie | Los Angeles, CA

I learned so much new information for how to optimize what I eat!

I really enjoyed the education portion from this program. The specific tips on how to combine foods, what to shoot for and what to try to avoid have been very helpful. I've seen the most success for something as simple as increasing my water intake and shooting for 3 balanced meals per day. The weekly accountability calls were priceless!


I have felt the best these past 5 weeks than I have felt in a long time.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about joining, only because I eat healthy for the most part but knew I was missing something when I would come home too exhausted to eat. The past five weeks of our coaching calls with 4 other ladies has been life changing for me. I look forward to these calls and our private group FB chat where we share ideas and struggles. I will be forever grateful for the tools you have given me for my toolkit!

Tricia | San Diego, CA