The REAL Wedding Detox

The REAL Wedding Detox

Say no to body shaming or diet talk in your wedding tribe.

I can’t tell you how much peace you will have throughout the planning process if you lay down this law from the very beginning.

This is something that I struggled with a bit in my own planning process.

It’s enough pressure to plan this one day, but to all of a sudden hear your beautiful friends and family subtlety drop hints about their “wedding diet” can really bring up a lot of insecurity and funky mindset stuff.

The thing that mattered the most on our big day was to be as present as possible and surrounded by unconditional love.

I wanted everyone to show up EXACTLY as they are- exactly how I love THEM.  

And the time leading up to that day?

You’re talking to your girls a lot. It was actually one of the best surprises in the entire event- how we all reconnected and reignited our friendships.

But this could have been shaken so easily if we did the whole female body shaming/negative talk thing that strangely bonds so many of our relationships.

I’m so grateful that these amazing women respected my request.

Instead of complaining about dress sizes and diet programs, we talked about LIFE.

We reminisced about our favorite goofy adolescent experiences and commiserated about how we finally got to this place together and the struggles with finding a floral bridesmaids dress for under $100 (sorry girls!)

One of my favorite memories of that weekend was the morning of our wedding…

We snuggled up in my parents living room with a gigantic bag of popcorn and watched Father of the Bride for the 1millionth time of it lives.

I bawled my eyes out to feel all of the feelings (that happened a lot over the weekend and it’s okay!), took a deep breath and just sat with my girls like we’d done over and over at each other’s homes growing up.

No expectation. No negativity. Just love. 

It will probably feel scary and vulnerable to take your stance on nixing the diet-y banter (it was for me) but i cannot even tell you how freeing it was.  

Take the stand. You’ve got this ;)

If you need a little extra support, there’s an amazing tribe of women waiting to meet you in the Modern Girl FB Group. Come connect!

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