San Diego Review: Urban Skin Care (hint: they make your skin GLOW)

San Diego Review: Urban Skin Care (hint: they make your skin GLOW)


In exactly 2 1/2 months I’ll be thirty. Thirty. If you’ve already passed this milestone, or are approaching it yourself you know what I’m talking about when I mention the “expectation trap” that’s largely associated with this age. When my mom was thirty she had been married for a few years, owned a house, built a successful career, adopted a cat and a dog, established a close circle of friends and was pregnant with ME. Soooo needless to say, I had dreamt that my life might look slightly different at this point when my middle school friends and I would lay awake until morning at sleepovers, painting a picture of our future to one another.

But I know, I know- these days things are different. "Thirty is the new twenty”...or something like that. ALSOnot sure I’d want to go back to my twenty-year-old feel me? And although that’s all well & good and might be true, one of the unwavering aspects of growing older is the changes in our skin. This my loves-this freaks me out. Not even from a superficial standpoint (okay maybe a little...), it’s just downright uncomfortable to see your face slowly begin to transition. I’ll scroll back to pictures of my mid-twenties and search for creases by the eye, fine lines in my forehead- were they there and I just didn’t care because I was too busy celebrating my youth with tequila shots? Perhaps...but not likely.

Something had to perk me up with all of this looming change.

I’ve never made an appointment for a facial. To me this is something girls do who get their nails manicured every other week, a massage once a month and their hair done more than twice a year. I love those girls- I want to be one of those girls in another life. But, when I was generously gifted an opportunity to experience a customized European treatment for hydrating + calming the skin at Urban Skin Care I jumped at the opportunity. Let me just tell you- my expectation did not even come close to the actual experience. 

Their charming little shop is tucked away in a cozy nook of businesses on Fourth Ave, in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, away from all of the hustle and eclectic noise. I entered the doors and immediately felt like I was in my best friends house- the soft lighting and chic decor created a warmth that invited me to stay. 

After filling out a brief questionnaire about my skin, my esthetician Larissa welcomed me with a big smile and open arms, as she brought me back to the room where I’d be having my treatment. 

From there on it was 1-hour of pure bliss, relaxation, and rejuvenation. How the heck had I been missing out on this for all of this time??

After dressing myself in the lush towel wrap that was provided, I nestled into the bed, ready to begin my treatment. If it had ended there, I would have been a happy girl- this BED. Omg, this bed was fan-tassstic. I used to have a Tempurpedic mattress that didn’t even come close to it.  

In my mind, I had the idea that a facial would include some fancy mask that they paint on your face and a few squeezes here and there to professionally remove any stubborn blackheads. Oh, how I was wrong. This experience was filled with nourishing practices that all flowed together like a dance. Larissa started with a hydrating steam bath and carefully removed my makeup with a vitamin C cleanser and protein mist, before performing a light scrub. There were intermittent periods of warm lemongrass infused towels draped over my forehead, as well as a neck, shoulder and arm massage that deepened my relaxation- if that was even possible. 

True to my anticipation, she delicately extracted all pesky little facial obstructions after my pours had opened enough from the steam, before applying a luscious mask. Larissa explained that their hydrating mineral mask was a calcium & zinc base that naturally re-energized and awakened the skin. Ummm...yes, please

As my hour of pampering came to a close, she wrapped up the treatment by applying a colostrum serum to boost sensitive skin and dusted my freshly cleaned face with a light mineral skincare powder, enriched with natural SPF + antioxidants. 

After willing myself out of the cozy bed and dimly lit room, now perfumed with their deliciously invigorating essential oils, I entered back into reality relaxed, reinvigorated and completely GLOWING. 

Ladies, if you’re moving through your youth like myself and paranoid about maintaining the integrity of your precious skin, a regular facial is a GREAT ritual to add to your routine. I might be a new believer but cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of this, combined with a nutrient-rich diet (...more to come on this topic). And if you live in, or are visiting San Diego, you simply must check out Urban Skin Care...ask for the Customized European Treatment and tell their beautiful team that Katelyn sent you ;)

Lot's of love + healthy vibes,


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