Why Your Sweet Tooth is Controlling You

Why Your Sweet Tooth is Controlling You


A little story about my sweet tooth….

It used to be this insatiable craving that I couldn’t get a handle on at all.

When I wasn’t binging on bags of chocolate, I’d restrict myself to diet Swiss Miss and sugar-free pudding.

And if I was really white-knuckling through, I’d preoccupy myself with packs of dessert gum....literally chewing entire packages of the Extra mint chocolate chip or banana split flavors....know what I’m talking about?

I can remember feeling so freaking frustrated - on and off this roller coaster of binging/purging, restricting and body shaming. Never content. Wearing a mask of confidence.

So when I started doing the work to heal my food fears and learning the WHY behind all of this, my world started to shift.

I wasn’t giving my body the proper nutrients to function, my blood sugar was imbalanced and the intuition around my hunger/fullness cues was completely disconnected.

Figuring this out wasn’t easy. I didn’t have a coach or a nutrition counselor and it took years upon years.

Years that I don’t regret, but often look back on and think what else could I have done with that time if I’d just made myself a priority?? Made an investment in MY health.

If you’re a girl boss with big dreams and the food thing is weighing you down, give it to me. Let me make it easy for you so that you can completely step into your purpose feeling confident and free.

Because when it comes to purpose, this is mine. Helping YOU to finally feel empowered around food so that you can make your dreams become reality.

That’s sweeter than any dessert.

And your goals are too big to constantly be thinking about a cookie.

For instant support come over to the Modern Girl FB Group and say hello, or grab my 3 Day Energizing Meal Guide to STOP Food Cravings…..desserts included (like edible cookie dough- YA!)

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