4 Tips to Transform Your Sunday Scaries

4 Tips to Transform Your Sunday Scaries


Sad Sundays. A feeling that I’ve talked out to death with several therapists.

Raise your hand if you get me.

This wasn’t just a post-college thing either. I remember feeling this deep depression take over my body even when I was 10 years old.

Especially when my dad would flip on 60 Minutes- that’s when panic would really set in.

But now Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. They have been for a while.

A few tips that really made a difference...

TIP 1. Set a special morning tradition that you always look forward to...coffee in the park, curling up with a book, taking a walk. Something that you L O V E.

TIP 2. Ditch the mandatory errands. Contrary to popular belief you CAN go grocery shopping during the week. It’s really just a matter of changing the habit...and it’s usually way less crowded.

TIP 3. Make a cozy transition. Save a good movie or a few chapters in your favorite book to wind down the day.

TIP 4. Pick a new job. If the work you’re doing 40+ hours a week is bringing you down rather than filing you up, it’s time to look for another opportunity....something that I love helping my clients discover.

So, check in with yourself…how’s it going.

Do Sundays feel like the best or the worst?

If you’re looking for a little more support, I’d love to get to know you over in my private FB group. I share daily tips, inspiration and the ladies are amazing. See you there ;)

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