Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness

Memorial Day Weekend!…the unnofficial start to summer

Maybe I'm way off, but did you have a lot of emotions pop up?

I definitely did.

SO much excitement, combined with a bit of "summertime sadness"...and I was trying to figure out why. 

And then it hit me...

Summer might be even more nostalgic for me than the winter holidays.

I remember getting out of school and looking at the full 2+ months that lay ahead with all of this possibility.

My sister and I would wake up every morning and make a list of everything we wanted to do that day....

Bike riding to Nana's, recording movies on our parent's video camera, laying out for at least 30-minutes (we always had a contest of who could get more tan lol), listing out the movies and TV shows that we wanted to watch that day and deciding who was going to play "servant"- a made-up game that involved waiting on the other person hand and foot for a designated period of time. 

I'd spend weeks on end at my best friends house.

Go on road trips with my family.

Swim in the pool until way past dark and then stay up long after midnight watching TV Land. And weird infomercials. 

My summers weren't perfect, but they were definitely FULL. 

So at this point in life, experiencing all of the emotions- the expectations of what these next few months should be and feeling the shift in growing older....I get it. 

Just wanted to share in case you might be feeling this way too.

And to share the same reminder that I keep telling myself- Live in the moment. Raise your standards. Lower your expectations.

I can almost guarantee that we'll look back 30 years from this summer with a similar let's make it count :)   

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