WHY I Created The Modern Girl Method

WHY I Created The Modern Girl Method

Earlier this week, I was re-working my WHY behind my program The Modern Girl Method.

Why I created it.

Why I'm so incredibly passionate about supporting women in this deeply personal transformation with their health.

And the answer came back to my own journey. Because I see myself in YOU.

When I was struggling with disordered eating, dieting, food cravings, low energy....all the things, I was looking for a magic pill to solve the problem.

Literally a pill- I can't tell you how much money I poured into trendy supplements, diet books, weight-loss programs etc.

Hours of Pinteresting my life away trying to find a way to eat that would solve my problem. Make my binge eating go away and give me the energy and confidence to actually figure out my dreams and go after them.

I'll save you a lot of time and money- there is NO magic pill. 

But there is absolutely a way to put yourself in the driver's seat of your health so that you're EMPOWERED by your food choices instead of CONTROLLED by them.

So that you can move through your day without food on your mind at all times.

So that you can actually go to dinner with your girlfriends and not feel disgustingly bloated OR deprived and ready to binge later.

So that you can go on all of your adventures and live in the moment without plotting your next diet when you get back home.

So that you feel excited to get dressed in the morning without having to figure out how to disguise a bloated binge belly.

If this is hitting home with you, I want you in this group. I want to support your transformation so that you can stop dieting or binging and start LIVING.

Now I know you. You're probably thinking "omg this is me to a T"....but still skeptical about hitting go.


That’s okay….go ahead and grab a spot in The Modern Girl FB Group so that you can get to know my process a little more and receive some instant support.

And if you’re ready to take the next step and see if my Method is right for you, let’s hop on a call. Schedule a complimentary consult HERE.

Either way- I’m excited to get to know you….and hopefully support your transformation.

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