Body Gratitude During the Holidays

Body Gratitude During the Holidays


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

I talk a lot about how to build your holiday plate + staying present with friends and family around this special time of year....

Truth be told, it’s because I spent sooo many years JUST thinking about food, rather than I get all fired up with wanting to empower you ;)

But pre-eating disorder there were so many traditions that involved food WITHOUT it being the focus.

The day before Thanksgiving, my family would pile into our Chevy Astro van and head to Costco.

We’d make our way around the store and sample all of the holiday treats (aka free lunch ). Then we’d pick out our favorite fresh baked bread and cheesy spreads (aka crack :P).

My mom would grab a turkey and make it just for our family so that we could have homemade soup and sandwiches through the weekend while we cozied in and started decorating.

Food was something we shared. Something that we experienced all together. A way we connected, while building all of the other memories throughout the weekend.

To me THAT is the true meaning of breaking bread.

I’m so grateful for the journey that I’ve been on and how it’s finally led me back to connecting with people and not just my plate.

If little fears around food / body image are popping up over the weekend take a deep breath.

The amount of stuffing that you’re “allowed” to consume on one day doesn’t even come close to the memorable bonds your capable of creating.

Listen. Laugh. Hug....and definitely kick the season off with Sleepless in Seattle- by far the best seasonally transitional movie.

If you need some support, I’d love to get to know you over in the Modern Girl FB Group. See you there!

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