The BEST Morning Habit for Glowing Skin

The BEST Morning Habit for Glowing Skin


If you’ve ever worked with me before you know I preach hydration all. day. But I’m not the girl who totes around a chic water bottle everywhere she no- it’s a 40 oz Hydroflask that resembles something that they would probably give you in boot camp :p

Years ago when I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out they turned me away when I arrived at the appointment because I drank some water ahead of time. Whoops- not a huge deal. Except it was 8 cups....before 10 AM…The receptionist gave me an “it’s okay, crazy girl” smile and my friends still bring up the story to this day.

So clearly I like water. But I get it- with endless beverage choices around us and social events from coffee to cocktails what would get you excited about something so...blah?

Brief disclaimer- I grew up drinking Crystal Light, frozen Minute Maid, and strawberry milk. My H2O rituals didn’t kick into gear until much later on and even then, it was a gradual process. I also still enjoy a glass of vino…or 2…or 3 and a large coffee when the mood strikes. From my point of view, It’s about implementing, not removing!

Okay, so what’s the secret to getting your skin glowing? I love this powerful tip not only because it’s free, but it’s not asking you to remove anything to deliver big results:


Stay with me here….

Have you ever cared for a flower on a window sill before? When you go to check on it first thing in the morning you’ll notice it might be just slightly wilted, the soil may be a little dry. After a couple of days of forgetting to tend to it, you’re thinking “I can’t even keep this alive?”. The poor little plant spends its whole day hanging out in the sun growing, giving off oxygen, creating a nurturing (and stylish) ambiance for your space- it’s pooped by the AM & needs a drink STAT. As soon as you give it a little water they tend to perk right up before your eyes. A wave of relief rushes over you.

Why am I randomly talking about botanicals? I want you to have this image with you for starting your own day. Even though we’re in a rest state during sleep, our bodies are still hard at work. Depending on when you call lights out, (a topic for another day) this 6 -10 hour period is a precious time for internal rejuvenation. Much like a flower, when we roll out of bed in the morning we’re also a little wilted and dried up. Giving yourself the same attention that you would your plant baby will do the same trick + a load of other benefits, including that natural “glow”.

But water’s boring right? And that amount seems like a lot. And I can’t image anything but caffeine hitting my lips before 10 AM. I get it. I’m not suggesting you switch up your whole routine overnight and I’m allll about the baby steps. Setting an intention to create this new habit is KEY. Here are a few tips to get you started....

1.     Simple Prep- Fill up your 16 oz the night before. Mason jars are a great option and take the guesswork out of how much you’re drinking. If you prefer sticking to what you know works, use your favorite cup or water bottle.

2.     Get creative- Slice some juicy fruit + herbs up at the beginning of the week so that you can easily pop in your water for real natural flavor. Some of my favorites are citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), cucumber, berries, pomegranate seeds and rosemary. Try mixing & matching or stick to a simple squeeze of lemon. Having the fruit infuse overnight will totally transform the taste + add a dose of nourishing antioxidants.

3.     Store in the Same Spot- whether you’re a morning person or not, getting your act together and out the door is a struggle for all of us sometimes. By having your water in the same place, ready to drink, this prevents you from skipping a beat with everything else you’ve got going on.. bedside, bathroom counter, kitchen table- the key is to keep in an area where you will naturally go to drink it every morning. Not into the overnight prep? Stick a little reminder note somewhere that you’ll see soon after you wake up.

4.     Don’t stress- your goal is to make this another natural staple in your morning routine. If 16 oz seems like drinking a tide pool don’t sweat. Start with 4 oz, then graduate to 8 and so on. These incremental steps will help you tune in with what your body needs, while supporting this new habit. And if you skip a morning? No worries love- simply try to get in some extra H2O throughout your day and get back to basics the next one.

You’ve got this. The key is putting a plan in place that is natural for you. If something isn’t working don’t give in, switch it up! Maybe you thought the only way you’d remember to drink was by putting the water right by your bed. In reality, you come to find that you usually head straight to the bathroom without even thinking about it when your alarm goes off. Tune in and try things out. Soon this won’t even be a second thought and you’ll begin to notice your skin perking up, while the normal reach for your favorite concealer goes down.

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