My Personal Diet Confession

My Personal Diet Confession

I used to put Splenda on my strawberries.

It's true. Splenda on my strawberries...I think it's when I was onWW  because both were zero points. 

I'd also binge on packs of Diet Swiss Miss.

And chew my way through multiple sleeves of gum a day.... 

That's like 60 pieces of gum!!! I felt like I was about to give birth by the time I got ready for bed :/

I remember going to the grocery store and feeling SO anxious every time I was checking out with my binge food ...."this checkout lady needs to mind her own bizz"..." what's with the 3rd degree??"...."NO I'm not throwing a party"....

Feel me? 

I was exhausted sneaking around and trying to figure out WHAT to put in my body to feel like the girl's that I saw on the cover on US Weekly (obviously pre-Instagram lol).

Always aiming for a goal weight that would unlock the key to freedom- effortlessly throwing on clothes without thinking "this is as good as it's gonna get" or trying to cover up my post-binge belly bloat.

I'm in no way perfect- I STILL have those days where my confidence is low and I just feel like everything looks bad in the mirror.

But I can whole-heartedly tell you that I finally did the work and flipped the switch on my health.....which lead me to keep going.

To keep learning and learning and digesting all of the information out there so that I could make it EASY for you to understand.

So that you could stop waiting for the scale to hit a certain number and finally give yourself permission to go after your dream.

Was just on my heart while I was writing to I wanted to remind ya that I've been there.

And to let you know that it IS possible to feel light and energized without constantly obsessing over your next meal, or what you look like in the reflection of the store window.

And I'm always on your side. Come say hello over in the Modern Girl FB Group- would love to support ya :)



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