Are Your Desk Binges Limiting Your Dreams?

Are Your Desk Binges Limiting Your Dreams?


I can’t tell you how many memories i have of secretly binging, hiding food in drawers, counting numbers and other weird trendy tracking systems while sitting at my desk.

This is something I struggled with for YEARS.

Homework in college, working from home, sitting in a’s like I would move into a food trance when I felt overwhelmed with work.

I’ve also always been obnoxiously ambitious, with big career dreams..but they were totally roadblocked by all the dieting/disordered eating.

Even when I reached “success” on paper, who knows what it really could have been if I was in the right mindset?

But when I finally said no more and started healing my relationship with food, LEARNING what to put in my own body- that’s when my career dreams (my life dreams!) really started to take off.

Why am I writing this?

I know you’re in the same boat on some level. And it’s okay my love.

But I have to let you know that if you’re struggling silently, you do not have to.

Think about what life would look like, how FREE you would feel, what else you could accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about how to nourish yourself?.

If you KNEW how to eat in a way that gave you energy, joy and simplicity?

A peek into most of my clients- they 99% are motivated girl bosses. They either have their own business, dream of owning one or their on the fast track at their company.

And another thing that this consistent- they show up to get their nutrition right. But when they do everything else takes off…career, relationships, home life, travel - all with so much joy and such less stress around food.

Pretty cool.

Pretty cool that all of those years dieting at my desk led me to help empower, love & support the women I work with today.

If you’re ready to start living life without obsessing over food, I’m here to guide you. I love dialing all of this in so that you can move through life with ease!

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