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Urban Skin Care

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Larissa Gabrielson
Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA

Business Name/Brief Description:
Urban Skin Care, Established in 2002. We are a pamper Day spa in and Urban environment, specializing in full body speed waxing, skin care, anti-aging peels, acne treatments, and organic skin care. Organic spray tans, lash lifts and lash extensions. Med Spa providing botox and filler injections. 

How do you usually start your mornings?
First thing is to kiss my hubby good morning. Then put the pups outside. Next, start the teapot and warm water with lemon. Make fresh breakfast for my son and wake him slowly for school. After dropping him off at school, I listen to Howard Stern all morning while drinking my coffee. Get ready for work and hustle the rest of the day.

What get's you excited about the work that you do?
Everything!! I'm excited to see the clients on my schedule that day. I'm excited to do the skin care treatments and play with the products. I'm excited to make someone feel good and recharged. I'm excited to see Erin, my business partner, and my staff. Last it's very exciting to learn about new products,  innovations, and technologies in our industry!

How would you describe your ideal client?
My ideal client is someone who is ready to take charge of their skin care. The person who is fed up with shaving and wants results with waxing. The bustling women needs one less step in their make up routine with lashes that at curled already for them or lash extensions that have them waking up with that makeup look. 

What’s one piece of advice you teach consistently, that would help someone take action today?
Skin care is a lifestyle. Eat healthy, sleep well, get out in Nature, wear SPF, wash your face. Skin care is just like fitness. You have to do a little something every day to see results.

Let's segue to girl talk... Where do you get most of your clothes?
I'm loving online shopping! Hautelook is one of my faves!! I also love doing Stitch Fix. Very easy to do and they send me so many options. My ultimate fave is the surf shops!! I'm a sucker for all the surfer girl gear.


What’s the best TV show you’ve binge-watched?
I'm more a movie girl. I can watch all the cool ‘80s movies over and over. Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Die Hard, The Goonies... the list goes on.

Can you describe what a night of self-care would look like for you?
End of the day is the routine I look forward to. Winding down, putting my hair up and yoga pants one. Double cleanse and I use a sponge to work my products in. Next, I pat try and add my layers of serums. Massaging each layer in slowly. Then I apply my eye cream and last a moisturizer. Always something active with retinol or vitamin-based.

Which girl boss are you currently inspired by?
Bobbi Brown! She's the coolest. I love how she's developed her brand and her growth. She has this New York vibe that is infectious. She's so nice and a girl’s girl!! I want to be her friend.

What’s one wellness trend that you have on your list to try?
I want to try the cool sculpt. I like how its and non-invasive way to break up cellulite and tones the body.

If someone wanted to get to know you better where should they go?
Follow me on Instagram @urbanskincaresd and website at urbanskincare.com 

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