Lauren Pasas: Yoga Therapist

Lauren Pasas: Yoga Therapist

Lauren Pasas


Yoga Therapist

Lauren Pasas
Ocean Beach, CA

Business Name/Brief Description:
LP Yoga Therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic body-based therapy using a therapeutic approach to deepen awareness and connect to self. With a client-directed approach and present centered awareness we may find deeper meaning  and acceptance with what is happening right now in life. I also offer this work to couples!

How do you usually start your mornings?
BREATHWORK AND COFFEE IN BED! I don’t know what it is about my bed, but I like to spend about 30 minutes every morning all cozied up with the sunshine coming in through my window. There’s something so comforting about this ritual. I believe it has to do with the fact that I never had a stable home growing up. My bed is my sanctuary and I am thankful to be able to sleep safely.

What get's you excited about the work that you do?
I still cannot believe that I get to call this work! I show up for people who need someone to listen to them. I get excited to connect with those who just need an open container to feel supported through whatever it is they are going through.

I am deeply passionate about the idea that in order to heal ourselves, we must feel safe. And that’s where I come in. I want people to show up exactly how they are. Even if it is painful.

How would you describe your ideal client?
Someone who is sick and tired of trying to do life alone. Someone who is over being the strong and tough one. That person that wants to feel again and get more meaning out of their life. I was that person. 

What’s one piece of advice you teach consistently, that would help someone take action today?

I cannot emphasize rest and sleep enough. Our body can literally produce the chemicals and hormones it needs to heal itself, but we are in a constant state of being at attention and our bodies have to keep up with that. We don’t even allow it the time to do its magic!

And this is what I notice happening in my yoga therapy sessions. Sometimes my clients come into my office feeling the effects of stress because their schedules are full of taking care of family, businesses, pets, etc. With guidance and support, these clients receive so much wisdom by slowing down and tuning into their body.

I also offer Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Healing which are all wonderful modalities to help with rest.

Let's segue to girl talk... Where do you get most of your clothes?
Ha! Well, you will probably never find me shopping! I seem to get lost in clothing stores actually. Every once in awhile I will walk into a thrift store for inspiration, but my attention span lasts about 15 minutes.

What’s the best TV show you’ve binge-watched?
Mad Men. I am fascinated with human behavior and this show captures the essence of generations before me. I notice the struggle to connect with the emotional body and the dynamics between men and women are shocking. I can see how my interest in Couples Yoga Therapy plays a huge role in my interest!

Can you describe what a night of self-care would look like for you?
Lately I have been heading to the Korean spa. I also love a good book and heaps of mugwort tea before a very early night’s rest.

Which girl boss are you currently inspired by?
Brené Brown has made a huge impact on my life. She is a research professor who has studied courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy. I never understood these tools until I read her book, The Power of Vulnerability. This has changed the way I show up in this world, and it’s not easy when it's not pleasant for others or myself to experience. That is the people pleaser in me. Once I started to practice this piece and become unapologetic about it, my business started to change. I was attracting more clients by being myself and that is so freeing.

What’s one wellness trend that you have on your list to try?
Qi Gong!

If someone wanted to get to know you better where should they go?
My website,, and @lpyogatherapy on Instagram.

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