Katie D'Amato: Physical Therapist + Yoga Teacher

Katie D'Amato: Physical Therapist + Yoga Teacher

Katie D'Amato


Physical Therapist + Yoga Teacher


Katie D'Amato, DPT CYT
San Diego, CA

Business Name:
Balanced by Katie.

How do you usually start your mornings?
Coffee, green smoothie, a daily reading from The Book of Awakening, 8 minutes of news on The Newsworthy app.

What get's you excited about the work that you do?
I love helping, motivating, and inspiring people to move better and lead a healthy active life at any age.

I love when clients have an "aha" moment of realizing they can do something they thought they can't or realizing they can use exercise instead of medicine to help them feel better if they are feeling a familiar stiffness and soreness coming on.

I also really love helping individuals understand their body and how to move well in order to set themselves up for aging gracefully and being able to do all of the activities they want well into older ages.

How would you describe your ideal client?
My ideal client has acute pain after an injury or surgery or chronic constant or intermittent pain due to a past injury or overuse from too much of a repetitive exercise.

The client hires me because they value a practitioner that can focuses fully on them and their needs. I spend a full, uninterrupted hour one-on-one with them in their home. I provide home exercise videos, and I'm available via email and phone.

My services are convenient for the busy executive or working parent because I will come to them. My clients are very positive in nature and enjoy learning and challenging themselves to reach their specific goals.

What’s one piece of advice you teach consistently, that would help someone take action today?
My big advice is to take note of what type of exercise and activities feel good to you. I'm not going to tell you our goal is for you to walk an hour a day if you hate walking. I really want to know what lights you up and makes you happy.

When you and I figure that out then we will design therapeutic exercises and stretches towards that activity whether it's hiking, dancing, or being able to pick up and play with your child or grandchild.

Let's segue to girl talk... Where do you get most of your clothes?
I get my clothes all over and I'm more of a "list of needs" shopper rather than enjoying a leisurely shop around on an afternoon. I usually end up getting staples that feel good at Lululemon or Nordstrom Rack for running and yoga. I'll get other cute yoga tops at boutiques when I'm out in cute neighborhoods traveling or strolling around with friends.

What’s the best TV show you’ve binge-watched?
I just binge watched Younger on Hulu and it was awesome! I loved the characters and the fashion and that it was set in my home city - NYC!

Can you describe what a night of self-care would look like for you?
On my couch with a book and a candle.

Which girl boss are you currently inspired by?
My new business coach Stephanie Pollock is awesome. Her podcasts are very clear, organized, and grounding. I feel like I'm on the right path when I listen to her and empowered to keep up what I'm doing!

What’s one wellness trend that you have on your list to try?
I'm trying acupuncture for the first time very soon and looking forward to it. :)

If someone wanted to get to know you better where should they go?
Go to my website www.balancedbykatie.com because it really gives a good idea of my treatment philosophy and the values I hold in my business. I also post weekly to my Instagram @balancedbykatie sharing free yoga classes I offer monthly, exercise tips, and inspiration!

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