Becky Feigin: Instagram Coach

Becky Feigin: Instagram Coach

Becky Feigin


Instagram Coach

Becky Feigin
Lexington, KY

Business Name/Brief Description:
BHF Digital Media (legally), but I go by Becky Feigin. I help female entrepreneurs (mainly within the health and wellness fields) level-up their Instagram to get in front of their ideal client and eventually start making money directly through Instagram through 1:1 (and eventually) group coaching programs.

How do you usually start your mornings?
My morning routine has been pretty rusty lately, but when I stay on top of things, I wake up, take my dog out, and then use a yoga ball to roll out my body and I like to take 5 deep breaths. On sunny days, I also like to start my day by going on a walk with my dog. Getting out into the fresh air first thing in the morning really starts my day on a positive note.

What get's you excited about the work that you do?
I love knowing that I'm helping other female entrepreneurs get their message out and have the opportunity to help even more people. It's like an endless cycle of providing for other people if you think about it. I also just absolutely love teaching and sharing my knowledge with those who want to learn! 

How would you describe your ideal client?
I absolutely love working with women in the health and wellness space. I've had health issues my entire life and over the years I've worked with nutritionists, personal trainers, health coaches, you name it, I've done it.  Because of that and how much all of those people have helped change and shape my life, I like having the opportunity to help others like that be able to reach more potential clients whose lives they can change. Getting to a deeper level, my ideal client is a woman who is passionate about changing lives and wants to be able to use as many platforms as possible to do that.  

What’s one piece of advice you teach consistently, that would help someone take action today?
My biggest piece of advice is to be yourself. There are so many coaches and professionals on Instagram at this point that it's not about investing, it's about who people want to invest in. You need to show up as your true, 100% authentic self to truly see success in organic digital marketing. I've built my business on this alone and have seen plenty of success over the past year. Be honest with your followers and show them into your world.


Let's segue to girl talk... Where do you get most of your clothes?
Oh my, I barely go shopping anymore, but if I had to pick my 3 go-to shops, they'd be Old Navy, Aerie, and Torrid.

What’s the best TV show you’ve binge-watched?
Parks & Rec hands down. Forever my favorite show! “Flu Season #1” is my go-to episode when I'm feeling sad, haha.

Can you describe what a night of self-care would look like for you?
When I'm going all out, it looks like taking a bath (with a bath bomb of course), drinking a cup of tea (probably chamomile)....or maybe sipping on some wine, putting on a face mask and just tuning out the world. I'm a total TV show binge-watcher, so probably watching whatever show I'm on at that point. And definitely eating some pizza. 

Which girl boss are you currently inspired by?
Ok this is going to sound so tacky, but my clients are all total girl bosses and they all inspire me so much. I honestly don't follow that many "celebrity" girl bosses on social media because it can overwhelm me, so I truly look to my clients for inspiration.

What’s one wellness trend that you have on your list to try?
Oh my, there are so many. I've seen a lot of posts about floating lately and I've always been super interested in trying that, but I'm scared I'll get claustrophobic.

If someone wanted to get to know you better where should they go?
Definitely my Instagram, @beckyfeigin. I'm always on there. My Facebook Group is pretty awesome as well, just search Instagram Growth & Strategy Tribe with Becky Feigin on Facebook.

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