Amanda Marit: Soul + Business Coach

Amanda Marit: Soul + Business Coach

Amanda Marit


Soul + Business Coach


Amanda Marit
Laguna Beach, CA

Business Name/Brief Description:
International Soul + Business Coach, Amanda Marit, helps spiritual women GET LIT in all areas of their lives through the power of the soul. She's a cubicle survivor whose has created a multiple 6-figure brand sharing her passion through private mentorship, group programs, and online courses. She's also the heart behind Soul Mastery Coaching Certification, a 6 month program that certifies spiritual women to step into their purpose, and grow a prosperous business!

How do you usually start your mornings?
At LEAST 10 minutes of meditation and mindfulness to connect to my higher self. I also spend time connecting to my bigger vision and my "why", which fuels me for my day! I also enjoy a cup of organic bulletproof coffee! PS - I do this all from bed.

What get's you excited about the work that you do?
The vision I have is SO much bigger than me... it's almost like IT'S what's pulling me forward. Since I've been able to transform myself and my life in so many wild ways and learn how to shift reality, I'm determined to help as many women as possible do the same!

How would you describe your ideal client?
She's a spiritual woman who is ready to step into her next level of magic and become a powerful, high-end coach + healer! She desires to show up in high service to others AND make a lot of money. We get to have both, and I love teaching others how to step into confidence with their gifts.


What’s one piece of advice you teach consistently, that would help someone take action today?
In order to step into the life of your dreams, you MUST become that version of you in your dreams today. Find what sets your soul on fire, that way it never feels like work. You must be willing to step through the fear, follow your heart, and take inspired action like your feet are on fire! Having a solid morning practice will help you align to the future you each morning!

Let's segue to girl talk... Where do you get most of your clothes?
I'm a forever Nordstorm girl! I used to work there in college, so I'm pretty loyal. I also love Revolve and local boutiques around Southern Cali!

What’s the best TV show you’ve binge-watched?
I actually don't really watch TV anymore! Well, with the exception of The Bachelor! I can't help myself, I LOVE love and totally get sucked in. I've been so focused on building my business to the next level, that I'd rather spend my spare time working on my passions! Anyone who knows me, knows this is true! I moved to Laguna Beach just to close myself off and focus on my dreams. I'm also starting to write my first book. Woop woop!

Can you describe what a night of self-care would look like for you?
Taking time to fully relax, put my phone and laptop away, tune into my heart and what I need, cook myself a healthy meal or order in, light a candle, and maybe watch a good movie... which would likely be a romantic comedy!

Which girl boss are you currently inspired by?
Ellen Degeneres! She is such an amazing human being who is super genuine. She has great energy and shares so much love in the world. I admire what she's built by just being herself!

What’s one wellness trend that you have on your list to try?
I'd love to commit to drinking celery juice every morning! I've done it a few times, but not consistent enough to notice big dramatic results. I've heard such amazing things about it, and I swear after doing it even one time I've noticed a difference in my gut.

If someone wanted to get to know you better where should they go?
You can find me on Instagram for sure @theamandamarit. DM me if you do and say hello!! I show up every single day on IG Stories! This is something I've committed to doing over the last few years and have rarely missed a day of sharing. You can also download my free manifesting abundance meditation at!

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