The Modern Girl Method

Walk away from this experience feeling light, energized + confident!!



Your coach, Katelyn Parsons


Who this is for

Career-driven women who feel...

  • Controlled by their constant thoughts around food + body confidence.
  • Like they're on a hamster wheel of eating healthy during the day and binging at night.
  • Conflicted by an "all or nothing" mindset around meals or snacking.
  • Frustrated by all of their attempts at eating healthy, feeling deprived and resorting to food as a result.
  • Like they'll never actually make a permanent change because of their lack of "following through".

I created the Modern Girl Method for career-girls who are ready to start feeling empowered around food, instead of controlled by it.


This is a hands-on approach to my 4-month private coaching program and is designed to help you rebuild your knowledge + relationship with meals so that you can make dieting a thing of the past.

From learning exactly WHAT to eat, WHY it matters and rebuilding your habits, we're about to create a lifestyle that gives you the energy and confidence to go after your dreams!


I’ll teach you exactly what to eat so that you have more energy, feel less bloated, and stop overeating.


Mindset + Eating for Energy

My proven formula for instantly reducing food cravings, binges and emotional eating patterns. In this session we'll lay the groundwork for complete transformation, as you begin taking immediate action and feel empowered around food. We'll uncover the reason WHY you haven't experienced results in the past and begin shifting your mindset for major transformation.


Healthy Grocery Shopping

Learn the best strategies for stocking your kitchen in the supermarket + beyond. You'll build a new relationship with this weekly errand that will reduce your time and stress, while understanding how to create simple, healthy meals.


Detox + Digestion

In this session, you'll start to understand the HOW behind eating and why this relates specifically to food cravings. Through repairing digestion and optimizing the bodies natural detox process, you'll begin to release old waste and feel the benefits of nutrient absorption. Through this process, your food cravings and overeating patterns will significantly reduce. Belly bloat will decrease as your natural energy levels begin to increase to a new level.


Morning + Evening Routine

From start to finish, you'll create a powerful practice that will set your day up for success. Through building a morning/evening routine you'll set an intention for your day that will set you up for more energy and less food cravings. We'll tap into the emotional eating patterns that are frequently used at the end of the day and create a powerful strategy to prevent nighttime binges, while providing a more nurturing environment for deep sleep.


Gut Health 101

Learn how the health of your gut directly affects everything from food cravings to energy levels! In this session, we'll break down how to easily begin incorporating new practices that will effortlessly support this area of your wellness to help you feel amazing. We'll focus on practical guidance for continuing to repair your internal health, in conjunction with your relationship with food. Soon you'll begin to see depression/anxiety lessen, energy increase and food cravings subside.


Eating Out + Travel

Whether you're on the road for work, pleasure or happy hour with the girls you’ll now step into each event without food guilt and more fun! Gone are the days where you agonize over what to order, feeling bloated or coming home feeling like you need to diet the next day. In this session you'll create an effective strategy for traveling – effortlessly bringing your new LIFESTYLE with you, rather than falling back into the old “all or nothing” mindset.


Keeping It Real

In this powerful last session, you'll shake your booty and put a bow on the complete transformation. We'll cover a few essential tips for lifelong success + build a plan of action so that you’re ready to take charge on your own. You'll step away from this program feeling confident and completely empowered around your food choices, without ever feeling the need to latch on to trendy diets.

What you'll learn

 HOW to stop your food cravings + food binges.

 My proven formula that gives you more energy every day and STOP'S emotional eating.

 WHY your diet isn’t working and what you need to get lasting results.

 Time-saving lifestyle hacks + recipes that help you feel light, confident and empowered around food.

One of the best parts of this program is the community that is built throughout the 7 weeks.


Not only will you have complete support from me—you’ll create relationships with the other women in the group and learn from previous participants. This is one of the most powerful (and fun!) parts of bringing girl bosses together.

Join the live weekly coaching calls from the comfort of your own home or space!




Are YOU ready to repair your relationship with food?



Session 1: Mindset + Eating for Energy

Session 2: Healthy Grocery Shopping

Session 3: Detox + Digestion

Session 4: Morning + Evening Routine

Session 5: Gut Health 101

Session 6: Eating Out + Travel

Session 7: Keeping it Real



 8 Live coaching calls via zoom video + the full recording.

 Recipe Guide (30 pages of energizing breakfasts, lunch, dinners, desserts, and snacks).

 A follow-up email after each session that includes the video recording + additional notes + resources.

 Access to the VIP FB group where you’ll gain support for previous + current group alumni.

 Direct access to me in between our sessions for additional support, questions, and guidance.


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BONUS: 30-minute Private Coaching Call
+ The Modern Girl's Healthy Handbook


(4 Payments of $209)